Your Interpreter in Odessa: Interpreters and translators in Odessa, Ukraine since 2008

Consider your PA as a temporary employee or an authorized person – or as a close confidante, who will always be there to help you. While an interpreter will stay with you and help you communicate with those around you, a personal assistant will be available at the end of a phone, skype or email and will act on your behalf.

Having a PA means that you can count on local assistance while you’re abroad, and have all necessary things done before you make your first step on Ukrainian soil (or after your departure). Maybe you need to have a business representative in Ukraine? Retaining a personal assistant is a cost effective way of having a professional presence in the country.

You can ask your PA to:
• Book a hotel or train tickets for you;
• Make calls and plan the schedule of your visit, arranging appointments and make all necessary preparations;
• Search for any kind of information you need: from prices for a certain type of goods to legislative requirements;
• Even buy and send presents on your behalf;
• Anything else you might need!

You might also want to hire a PA while you’re in Odessa – to deal with all those little things you don’t have the time, inclination or local knowledge to deal with.

Rate for the service: $20/hour
Minimum deposit: $100 (within one month).