Your Interpreter in Odessa: Interpreters and translators in Odessa, Ukraine since 2008

Interpreters you can trust

Your Interpreter in Odessa offers a wide range of interpreting services in Odessa, Ukraine to meet your business and personal needs. Whether you need a business meeting interpreting, a daily companion during your sightseeing tour or a chaperone for your personal meeting, we have the right interpreter in our team to meet your needs.

Interpreting services (also known as interpretation, spoken translation or oral translation) can be performed in a number of different ways, each of which suits a different purpose. We offer interpreting services in Odessa, Ukraine for all purposes:

  • business trips and negotiations
  • conferences and exhibitions
  • personal meetings and dates
  • travel and tourism

Our interpreter will meet you in the airport, take you to your hotel and help with any problems you might face upon your arrival – making phone calls and appointments, advising you on the best places to eat, as well as giving you all necessary information about local traditions and specialties, goods and prices, laws and customs.

We guarantee confidentiality of your personal data, any information you disclose to us stays with us.

To book an interpreter

Simply call (+38) 093 693 0909  or send us a letter to, informing when you need the interpreter, the language(s), and the context they will be working in. Please note that the more background information you give us the better we can understand your needs and satisfy them.

Rates for Interpreting (oral consecutive translations)

Interpreting: $20/hour

Minimum payment (cash): $50 (for 2,5 hours)

Big order? Ask for a discount!

Phone and video chat interpreting:
$1/minute ($25 minimum)
Minimum payment: $50