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Other services

Sometimes all you need is a little help from someone local.

Someone to book a bus ticket for you. Or a train ticket. Or an opera ticket. Or to pick you up in the airport early in the morning. Or late at night, in the night club, to take you home.

Someone who will deliver a copy of your passport to the embassy. Or bring a single red rose to the girl of your dreams.
We’re here to do that.

Sometimes you need something bigger: to organize a car transfer in the city or through the country, or find the perfect location in the city to hold your event, or give you a brief on local legislation issues.

We can help you with everything you need in Ukraine, from flower or gift delivery through business matters of any kind.

Anything else? All you need is to ask. Call us to (+38) 093 693 0909 or send a letter with your request to

Rates for the service: available on request.

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